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Flitpay vs Zebpay What is better Bitcoin wallet in India?

Flitpay and Zebpay are bitcoin exchanges that help users handle bitcoin. Let's look at the characteristics of both btc wallets that help us distinguish them. 

Flitpay is a bitcoin wallet program that helps you to buy and sell bitcoin in India. With this btc wallet app you can do fast transactions between two parties. Flitpay requires a minimum transaction for this for transactions made from/to other bitcoin exchanges. There is no transaction fee or charge for transactions between users of the Flitpay program. 

Flitpay offers its customers the best btc price and services in the market, along with monetary benefits. It also guarantees transparency and complete control of the user's transactions. Flitpay also offers some features along with the friendliest user interface. 

Zebpay is considered as one of the first btc wallets in India. Zebpay guarantees fast transaction processing and best VAT rates. It is aimed at ordinary people who want to start using bitcoin, so it is widely used. The head office is in Singapore. It enables users to buy/sell btc with its app which is available in various mobile phone shops. Zebpay is also working to bring about a change in bitcoin regulation in India. 

Both bitcoin exchanges (Zebpay and Flitpay) are easy to use and ensure maximum transparency for their users. Flitpay and Zebpay require users to first check their bank account details and sync with the app at the same time. Then the users can execute all their transactions without any problems with third party interventions. Users can sell/buy btc from both of these btc wallets. 

They can use their btc balance to make payments and transfers. They can also trade in bitcoin. Both Zebpay and Flitpay are considered to be the best btc wallet programs. 


The special features of Flitpay are the promotional wallet and referrals. With the promotional wallet, the user can execute his bitcoin transactions, which he earns with reference to a person. The user must have a minimum balance of 1000 rupees in his promotional wallet in order to continue trading. This feature sets Flitpay apart from other wallets. 

Zebpay's bitcoin wallet app sets bitcoin transactions to the mobile number, without the hassle of understanding bitcoin addresses, backing up or fearing losing bitcoin. Using a Zebpay wallet app, users can buy, sell, store and spend bitcoin using a cell phone number and a 4-digit pen.