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Trammell Venture Partners launched a feeder-fund based investment series focused on Bitcoin and Lightning network founders.

The feeder-fund, a collective of investors pooling their funds, focuses on investors whose focus is on Bitcoin development.

Bitcoin angel investor Stephen Cole says “In a sea of crypto noise, TVP is Bitcoin signal."

Trammell Venture Partners (TVP) – a venture capital firm focused on both applied artificial intelligence, and security and privacy technologies – launched a Bitcoin-native institutional Investment Fund Series dedicated solely to founders building on the Bitcoin/Lightning network protocol stack, per the press release.

“Over the years, the Bitcoin community has rightly been extremely cautious about making changes to Bitcoin Core, but the development of Bitcoin's protocol stack layers has been steady,” says Christopher Calicott, TVP Managing Director and founding partner. “We've been waiting for the right moment to lean into our North Star: Bitcoin.”

TVP launches this initiative with the first institutional feeder fund of the venture capital industry focused purely on Bitcoin. This feeder fund will serve as a collective effort of the involved investors in a way that allows the investors to avoid the need for liquidation of their bitcoin.

"Investors should never have to liquidate bitcoin in order to invest, and at an institutional level that begins with our novel feeder fund approach," states Dustin D. Trammell, TVP founding partner.

The commencement of new values across the institutional investor class remains at the forefront of TVP’s initiatives in driving institutional adoption of Bitcoin and its commonly associated long-term values.

“Safe, secure return and yield from pristine collateral is the future for long-term holders of bitcoin," says Founder Calicott.

The venture capital firm intends to hold Bitcoin at its core values, including the values of investors who choose to participate in the fund. One prolific angel investor in Bitcoin, Stephen Cole, joined TVP as a venture partner intended on sourcing funds and spoke to the new partnership.

“I'm excited to share TVP's vision for and focus on a bitcoin-based future,” Cole said. “With this fund we're positioning for the type of long-term value creation we believe can reshape not only fintech but the internet, venture capital, and even the global monetary system.”

As venture capital funds flood into the broader cryptocurrency space and buzzwords like “NFT”, “web3”, and other “investment opportunities” present themselves, Cole says “In a sea of crypto noise, TVP is Bitcoin signal."